We're most at home when we're outdoors!

                 Our Mission
                Our Mission is to care for and further God's beautiful creation!

                      To those involved this means:

                Customers - Caring about your project from the 'big picture'

               to the last detail, by listening intently, then exceeding your


             Team Members - Caring about each other; by being positive,

            productive, and profitable, while enjoying the day!

           Business PartnersCaring about relationships which produce

          positive synergy!

         Community - Caring about the present and future generations

        by upholding God-given morals and standards.   



Our Culture
 Our culture here at Outdoor is one of the richest values we offer our customers. It is also one of the biggest Team member benefits. Our culture recognizes God as our Creator and our Savior. This faith results in a positive and encouraging culture. We choose to be accountable to keep the standards high while having grace for growth.
Integrity will always be our theme. 
                 Our History
               Hello, from Andy and Melinda, owners of Outdoor Enterprise.                            We started the business in 1996 and have been married for
             30 years. Pre 1996, our down-to-earth roots were in agriculture,
           construction, and landscaping. Most of our team also ascends
          from similar trades. Early on, the focus was landscape
        construction. The diversity and size of Outdoor Enterprise has
       been blessed with growth every year since.
     Thank you to all our customers, it has been an honor to serve you!